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If you ever went to University like myself you know that those 3 years are quite possibly the best times of your life and this is usually down to the people we meet as they can become friends forever or in this band’s case roommates.

Zebede are a unique five piece band from London and consists of Leah (vocals) Henry (keys) Charlie (lead guitar and vocals) Max (drums) and Michael (bass). The band brings a sound of electronic fusion, soul, jazz, and deep funk that comes together to form something special it all originates from the band’s love for Motown and elements of futuristic psychedelic music.

The name Zebede is interesting, finding a name for a new band is probably the hardest thing, it needs to be catchy and roll of the tongue but maybe it wasn’t that hard for this group as Henry explains “We got the name because it’s actually my second name and everyone thought it was cool”. There you go, folks, if you are finding it hard to find a band name find out the names of your band members it maybe the inspiration you need. The band’s EP came out in 2019 and if you listen to the first 3 songs they are a real introduction to what the base of the band is a funky soulful style that really gets you grooving this is non too apparent in the track “Pushin Ink”.

This is a great song and Leah’s songwriting is so true. The opening song is a romantic story of when Leah went over to America and “met a boy in Bushwick” her vocals are so strong and pure it really tells the story of the song, throwing in the mix of rap in the middle of the track shows the creativity and range of this talented singer.

Their new single came out on Friday and is titled L.M.E which is an abbreviation of (Love me enough). Written by Leah it starts slow then builds ever so slightly into a groovy hook where all instruments come together in perfect harmony. This is a real group effort that seems effortless as each musician gets their own moments of brilliance while supporting Leah’s vocals. These guys are really talented musicians that truly believe in the sound they are trying to portray its a musical complex that intrigues the listener to find out more.

The band is really starting to make waves around London and even had the chance to play at the famous Studio 2 Abby Road. The future of the band is so bright so watch this space Zebede is coming. Be sure to listen to L.M.E on all music streaming services it really is fantastic.

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