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Wild Front

Originally being from the south coast I always get a real kick when I find a band from the same area, it warms my heart and I get a dose of excitement. I remember the time when I found out about Keane being from Bexhill and how they write a track about the Sovereign Light Caffe on Bexhill seafront, I couldn’t believe a famous band was from my hometown and making it. Now with new music coming from the South coast of England most recently from Luna Blue we now have Wild Front.

Wild Front are a four-piece band from Southampton, you have Jack (Vocals) Josh (Drums) Mike ( Bass) and Joe (Lead Guitar) together they have created an elegant indie sound that beautifully molds into something truly original. The boys have been friends for a while with Joe and Josh being childhood friends and meeting Jack in College and its Jack that came up with the name as he states “ I’ve had the name in my phone for a while I was going to use as a solo platform until it decided to use it for a band”. The name originates from the love of open spaces like looking out to the ocean or being in a big open field I think its something everyone can relate to that grew up by the sea or in the country.

The four friends just have a common love of playing music together, they bring a sense of fun and friendship to their music with those combusted elements coming together it brings an energy that is like no other. Imagine Fleet Foxs and Temper Trap being thrown into a blender and coming out seven years younger and cooler that right there is Wild Front in my eyes.

Jack’s voice is very unique the soft dreamy sound makes it feel almost psychedelic, it works very well with the melodic guitars and strong drum beat that makes the tracks almost euphoric it’s definitely and band this is fit for the festival stage. What I love about this band is how inclusive they are, there isn’t just one writer like in other bands it’s a collaborative way of working, everyone has their own stamp on things. I’m not saying having one writer is a bad thing most of the greatest songs in history have been written by one person, I’m saying that with every band member having a little take on the write presses it gives more time to be creative and explore the proper meaning behind a track.

The first part of their EP The Great Indoors is on Spotify and the band is hoping to bring out the second part by the end of the year. The EP represents the band’s experiences with mental health and life’s difficulties that we all face such as family and relationships just take a listen to “Two” and “Dreams” two fantastic tracks that will really give you feel of what the band is all about.

With playing at Glastonbury on the BBC Introducing Stage and the Isle Of White festival back in 2017 the future is bright for Wild Front and I urge you to check them out on all music streaming platforms they are ones to watch.

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