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We Demand Parachutes

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

It’s funny in 2020 we can find so much new music in so many ways whether that is through streaming sites, the radio, sitting in a bar, or even reading blogs like this one there are so many ways you can discover music now and it's a wonderful thing. A couple of weeks ago I went sky diving and on my way, I was listening to my Spotify and a random song came on it was called “151”, I look at my phone to see who the band is? We Demand Parachutes. What are the odds that I find a band with the word parachutes in their name the day I’m going to jump out of a plane myself!?

Coming from Portland USA the band consisting of; Kevin ( lead guitar and vocals ) Seth (with a cracking beard that will make any Viking jealous ( Bass ) and Ben ( Drums ) together they bring a cool pop punk feel that gives you all kinds of Tony Hawks Playstation games nostalgia but as an avid rock fan does that really go away?

The name We Demand Parchutes, comes from when Kevin went off to the military and while being deployed in Africa he would send some tapes to the boys and in his words “ in return, I would get banter back as Seth and Ben would make jokes about my parachute not opening or me not remembering to pull the cord” so that's how they came up with the name its all a joke and a true example of friendship always looking out for each other's safety and wishing you the best.

Like any pop punk band you think about the inspiration the said band have, very likely they will mention Blink 182, Sum 41, and others but for We Demand Parachutes it’s different. They look to the likes of British outfit 1975, Jazz and hints of EDM as well as those relevant 2000s pop punk bands, it’s a blend of the member's different backgrounds including Seth’s previous DJing experience as he mentions “ I started out learning to DJ and incorporate it to rock music connecting synth to the guitars it’s how I pursued audio engineering in the future” while Kevin and Ben have always been very rock n roll.

The great thing about this band is that they thrive off the idea of being very hands on, this make them very unique to other bands, it helps certainly that two of the three have degrees in audio engineering. “151” is a prime example to promote the idea of doing it yourself because this banging track was created, recorded, and made all in Seth’s tiny bedroom with a makeshift popfilter made out of a clothes hanger and stockings that is so brilliantly budget and creative, it propels the whimsical mind and talent of the band.

“151” is so high school. The track starts with a slow build intro and kicks, that sound like footsteps then enters into hard pop guitar riffs that support Kevin’s strong earthy vocals that tell the story. This is a sort of track that Mark Hoppus from Blink would be jealous of, and the chorus really reminds you of a time when the high school corridors were filled with skateboards and Fat Face t-shirts... it’s truley an explosion of teenage joy.

Now having just released their new single “Ketamine” We Demand Parachutes have created a song that focuses on the character of a drug taker going through the struggles of dealing with the demand of life and the demons of taking drugs. The song explores the constant battle between a hero and villain and is an emotional rock track that is very true. The band is ready to take over the world with the ambitions to play over here in the UK on the biggest stages like Reading and Leeds in a few years time and I can't wait o follow their journey to superstardom.

Be sure to find We Demand Parachutes on all music streaming services and if you are planning to jump out of a plane remember to pull the cord.

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