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Two Year Break

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Do you like Pop Puck alternative bands? Well here are the new kids on the block the five-piece have only been around since 2018 and starting to make waves with their catchy lyrics and hard guitar licks. Being heavily influenced by the likes of Blink 182, Green Day and All Time Low. Their debut song Change My Mind it’s one of those typical 00s Pop Punk rock songs about former relationships and breakups ring any bells?

This is definitely a track that you will see on a THPS (Tony Hawk Pro Skater) game but don’t let the cool party vibe fool you these guys can go emotional too with songs like "Passing by" and "Alone in the ocean" which bring out some sentimental lyrics that you want to play to your high school sweetheart.

You listen to this band like your 16 again getting on the school bus, walking down the aisle of chairs, your arms shaking because the one free set is next to your crush now this isn’t a problem I write this when I’ve just turned 28 I’m just stating what it feels like to listen to this sort of band after all the bands that have influenced Two Year Break are now making comebacks so who am I to judge.

The band has stayed true to the energetic and catchy sound that symbolically comes with the genre and this comes full flow into there debut EP “Sell Me Fate”. So check them out on YouTube and Spotify I do recommend them highly.

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