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Tory Floyd

Tory Floyd has been a musician all her life and it's so exciting to see her thriving in her latest track ‘As It Is’. She’s come a long way from the school concert videos she shares on her Instagram but is no less a star in the making. The release is a real family effort for Tory; the label behind the track Press Tone Productions is the brainchild of her brother Preston. Music has always been something they’ve done together only now it is less performing in the living room for their parents and more collaborating in the studio.

Tory has said that she is very inspired by pop giant Ariana Grande and this track is particularly reminiscent both melodically and visually of Ari’s style. Tory’s vocals have a smooth RnB quality to them and her tone has matured since her Blossom release back in 2018. Tory is clearly a woman of great musical taste; watching the video for the track, there are several moments that echo and pay homage to iconic tracks like God is a Woman, Into You and Break Free. Full of life, vibrant colours and lights this video brings us hope as we leave behind the long nights and darkness of winter.

The track itself is about learning to love life as it comes to you. In her own words, Tory explained that the song is about “the refusal to accept the paralysis we bring upon ourselves waiting on an idyllic world if we could just wish on the right star.” With this track, Tory wants her audience to move away from comparing themselves to others and instead try and work towards positive change through self acceptance and love. It's a message we are all elated to be hearing as we head into the new year.

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