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Thieves and Lovers

So you know how everyone has music to listen to depending on the atmosphere or social predicament they're in right? You know for example if you are getting ready for a night out you usually play dance music, in the shower, it’s singalongs or even chilling with friends over drinks it’s 80s classics or is that just me? What I'm getting at is you always have decisions to make when it comes to the music you listen to. So when it comes to the end of the day, about to go to bed or first thing in the morning making coffee I always turn to acoustic rock and songwriters. This is how I found Brandon and Scott AKA Thieves and Lovers.

The plucky duo are originally from Los Angeles, then moved to Pittsburgh, and now based in Baltimore I think it is safe to say the boys have travelled. The band formed after a school project set out by Brandon, he had to create an EP and he quotes that “I just hit up some of the other people in my class to see if they'd be interested in recording some songs I had written. We had a lot of fun and great musical chemistry so we decided to give it a go and started playing shows all over southern California”. So I guess they just never looked back after that, you know the old saying if it ain’t broke don’t fix it or was it a one time thing that just bloomed, sometimes these things just do. Thieves and Lovers are a recipe of sweet scented melodic vocals mixed with well driven guitars, think pop punk bands like Jimmy Eat World but if Jimmy ate The Gaslight Anthem instead of the world and Jim Adkins went solo that would be Thieves and Lovers as an overall sound experience.

The band dropped ‘Conversations Kills’ way back in November last year. This is a track that has a rugged rough sound almost like it’s a first demo rather than a finished product but I guess that's why we enjoy it. Brandon’s voice has a strange comparison to Adkins’s voice too it is very carefree and punk but also flows beautifully like he is made to serenade. For me the track takes me into a time machine it’s about 17 years too late if this was around in 2002 it would be booming around every skate park around the world or at least in my little 11 year old ears.

‘Conversations Kills’ has a very relatable story behind it, it’s about that point in a toxic relationship where you both know it's over, but it's not over. Think we all know what point is being referred to here. But Brandon goes on about that “sometimes at that point things are said intentionally to hurt the other you know things that certainly can't be taken back”. Why does this feel like deja vu from 3 years ago? Read into that as you will.

Be sure to show these boys some love and check out ‘Conversations Kills’ below.

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