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The writers of Music in Isolation tell you their top 5 Christmas Tracks

With Christmas fast approuching the guys at Music in Isolation reflect and name their Top 5 favourite Christmas tracks. So here they are from 5-1 .

Joe Maine.

5. Run DMC : Christmas in Hollis

I’m just not going to leave it out. It’s probably the only hip-hop Christmas song that is

actually quite good, so it’s obviously on my list. Run DMC always loved the loud,

expressionist side of the genre so a Christmas song about finding Santa’s lost wallet

has to be the best decision they ever made. I’ll happily spin this one every day of the

year, let alone December 25 th .

4. Band Aid 1984: Do They Know I'ts Christmas

As is the case with all of these, there is a big level of nostalgia to them all. Being a kid

when Christmas was literally what the entire year was building to and this song was

being played downstairs, what a life. That’s what this one means to me specifically

anyway, and that in itself earns its place it at number 4 for me.

3. John Lennon: Happy Xmas (War is Over)

Well, John Lennon, that’s all I need to say. One of my favourite people to ever walk

this earth. This song reminds me of my dad at Christmas time, it’s always the first

one on in the morning. The background choir gives it such a wholesome feel which is

all you really want out of a Christmas song, isn’t it? It has some good messages in it

as well, always the best lyrics from our man Lennon.

2. Jona Lewie: Stop the Calvery

I love this tune. It’s a bit of a ‘get up and dance’ one, all the trumpets and Christmas

bells, I just love it. I also really just like Jona Lewie’s voice, it’s almost a bit too gentle

and soft for the dramatic trumpet solos that we hear throughout, but that’s why I

like it. A bit of a different kind of Christmas song, always makes me happy when it

comes on.

1. The Pogues ft Katie Maccoll: Fairytale of New York

I know I’ll want to say this about every song on this list, but this one’s a proper

classic. The slow, romantic start is so beautiful with his drunken, croaky voice. It

reminds me of going to Christmas events with my mum as a kid. I’m also a big

advocate for harmonising a piano with some violins, so this is my undoubtable

number 1.

Kirsty Ann-Thomson

5. Chris Rea: Driving Home For Christmas.

I think this one is kind of unappreciated, people often forget about it. Theres been lots of lovely covers of it too, the Overtones do one that is particularly nice. Feel like it really captures christmas spirit.

4. Ariana Grande: Santa Tell Me

This one is a kind of guilty pleasure song, its just really feel good and festive. Its overly cheesy and a bit cringe but that is what christmas is about.

3. Elton John: Step into Christmas.

Yes, we are asking you to step in.

This one just makes you feel happy, you can't help but want to sing along and have a lil dance. Elton John is iconic too and his campness just kind of embodies Christmas.

2. Dean Martin: Silver Bells

Its an oldie but a classic for me-something about the old songs just feels like Christmas. I spent Christmas in NYC once and this song just kind of reminds me of that, Every time this song plays just think about Times Square with all the lights the city becomes magical and this Dean Martin classic represents that.

1. Wizzard: I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

Surely this is everyone's top one? It is just THE Christmas song, it isn't Christmas if this song isn't playing. I find it funny how a glammed up rocker like Roy Wood can transform into a happy Santa like man. The track just brings joy and festive cheer to you, every time I listen to this I can't help but feel all warm and cosy inside it's without question my favourite.

Do you agree with our writers? What are your favourite Christmas songs? Let us know and from everyone at Music in Isolation we all wish you a very happy Christmas and we will see you in 2022

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