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The Trusted

What do you think of when I mention the place Essex? Let me guess, glammed up girls stumbling out of Sugar Hut after having a ‘Mad One’ guys with too much hair product in their hair looking like someone has dunked their head in a swimming pool for four hours or maybe it’s something completely different maybe it is the music. Believe it or not, the county of Essex has played its part contributing to the music world, The Prodigy are from Braintree, Blur are from Colchester well lead singer Damon Alburn is and Nothing but thieves and The Horrors hail from Southend on-sea just like these guys. So who is this rocking new band washing up from the beachy shores of Southend on-sea? Say hello to The Trusted.

Dave Batchelor (Drums), Dale Holt-Mead (Guitar), Fin Cunningham ( Bass) and Tom Cunningham( Vocals). Initially starting out in secondary school, the Cunningham brothers reached out to Dale who was playing in a few bands, then posted an ad and the power of social media brought Dave into play. The band bonded instantly over their mutual appreciation of a strong melody and atmospheric, edgy pop. Sharing an enthusiasm for 21st century brit-rock. This cool pop rock sound stems from the band's passion for the likes of REM, Radiohead and Elvis Costello. This is the beauty of bands, I just love the way you can have so many different sounds and inspirations then mould it into one to create banging music.

The band has just released their new track titled ‘Rebel song’ and it is a real winner. The track kicks off with some glistening keys which end up continuing through the track as a backbone. Tom's voice reminds me of the golden era for indie rock music when The Kooks were at the peak of their powers. The guitars create a constant eruption of excitement and euphoria; exploding in passion and solidarity, Tom’s catchy vocals make you believe this band a for real, you take notice and like the lyrics say “that's alright with me”. The track has come out just at the right time as the band explains how the ‘Rebel Song came about. “Rebel song came during the summer of last year when the whole world was being slowly consumed by a sense of isolation and political unrest. We were seeing people all over the place expressing their anger and fighting back. It got us thinking about this idea that we are all standing up against something, even if that something is our own mind.

You can understand why this has been dubbed as “ The Peoples Anthem of 2021”, it brings togetherness and power to humanity. The Trusted have had thousands of streams on Spotify that has included countless support for various BBC radio stations. Check out ‘Rebel Song’ below and enjoy.

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