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The Smallest Giant

Nostalgia is a funny thing that can come in many forms, maybe when you hear a song from your childhood or replay an old video game. I have two brothers, there are times a funny quote comes into my head and I start laughing randomly, friends in the room tend to wonder what's so funny? When I explain knowing that only myself and my two brothers would find it funny, they look at me all confused. I guess you can call that nostalgia too or is it the fact I and my family just have strange humour? The reason why I talk about this is the fact that what we have here is an American singer-songwriter who goes by the name of Haley Gowland AKA The Smallest Giant.

At 5ft two The Smallest Giant is a small girl with big talent whose songwriting is sweet and elegant. From the high mountains of Nederland Colorado Hayley grew up with the blessing of her father being a guitarist and drummer in a band, she remembers being a little girl growing up and just constantly hearing loud music coming out of the family basement. It was almost inevitable that eventually she and her twin brother were going to start their own band. Having done the circuit, back in 2017 her brother and their bass player left to go to school and the other to move into film respectively, Haley now turns her focus on her solo career, learning to produce and perfect her sensational songwriting.

The Smallest Giant’s music has been inspired by bands such as Kings Of Leon and The Killers here Haley passionately tells me that “I just love how versatile they are while their production can be totally different” this is the uniqueness that Hayley wishes to be as an artist. Now within the padded walls of a DIY home studio, The smallest of small giants gives us her beautiful indie-pop track ‘Back Then.’

The Single is catchy and a lot of fun and to new ears the first listen may be compared to early Taylor Swift, but you couldn't be more wrong. With the main riff written about 3 years ago then being rekindled back in October of last year, the base was set and Haley’s creative juices could flow. The chorus for ‘Back Then’ is infectious and will get stuck in your head all day; it provides an injection of positive vibes while sticking to its core. Lyrically it's about remembering a past relationship. This is emphasized by the lyrics “I’m just buying candles, and I’ve got you in my head again.” This reflects on the time Haley walked into a pharmacy, and the smell of the candles reminded her of her former partner, as someone who gets a headache every time he walks into the high street store LUSH I can see where she is coming from. I think I can speak on behalf of all music fans when I say the biggest thing we miss is the atmosphere that dancing in unison brings to a live band on stage and this what The Smallest Giant wants people to feel when listening to ‘Back Then’ to be honest the performers probably miss that too.

We truly think the future is bright for Haley. The good news is that come May we can look forward to 2 new tracks, we can’t wait. Check out ‘Back Then’ below and show Haley some love.

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