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The Kid and I say 'HEY'

If you remember back in December we did a piece introducing you to Jacob AKA The Kid and I, his track ‘White Feather’ was an absolute triumph and became very popular very quickly, with a strong message and tantalising lyrics. Now Jacob has joined forces with the very talented and girlfriend Jennifer Glatzhofer to bring us ‘Hey’.

‘Hey’ tells the story of “love at first sight” if you believe in that sort of thing? Yet there is an underlying sense of something not quite right under the surface. The song itself is about the fantasy both characters hold about the other. The melodies in Jacob’s music convey this idea with the track starting off with dream like guitar chords and soft vocals, I love the Dire Straights like riffs along with the “do’s” that introduce Jennifer. Her voice sounds incredibly sweet and innocent wich flows naturally this the music. There is a beautiful moment about 1:43 into the song, a silky smooth solo. This is an elegant transition to set a meeting of to voices as Jennifer and Jacob, come together in the chorus so the base of the track comes full circle.

The Kid and I has always gone down an autobiographical view when it comes to his songwriting, but here he had the ability to write songs through the lens of another person which for him became a challenge and experience in itself. With Jennifer being a Musical Theatre performer, having her involved in the songwriting process really influenced the sound and direction of the song. There is a certain energy that comes with this track. The story is clear but musically I think it really shows off the talent in both artist, it’s chill, and perfect for those lazy Sunday mornings you know the ones we mean. Check the track in all its glory below.

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