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The Kid and I

2020 has been a hard year for everyone, not one person can honestly say they saw this coming but I’m sure in January a lot of you said the old cliche that “this will be my year” then Co-vid hit and it seems like everything goes on hold and takes a back seat. The pandemic has especially been hard on the music industry bands cant gig, they can’t go to a recording studio and they cant meet up and practice. Then again the pandemic and 2020 has given artist to learn new skills such as producing and be more creative with there music so there is that.

The Kid and I has seen this year as a chance to really focus on his music for the first time and it’s a better time than ever. From Hertfordshire, The Kid and I is a project created by the multi-talented Jacob Powell wich brings his love for alternative indie rock in full flow. Creating music since he was 12, and having been a part of bands from a young age, Jacob has been able to convert these skills he has developed and made it into something that is quite simply him in is own style. All self-made Jacob learned everything himself during the recent pandemic.

By taking inspiration from Foo Fighters and bands like Supergrass his high energy, echoing drums and rock-solid lead guitars how created a track so sweet its bound to get you jumping up and down like a pogo stick from the start to finish. “White Feather” is about coming of age while dealing with life’s challenges head on. The track bangs, think of your typical alternative pop-rock jam and mix that sensible lyrics and a cool persona this is what you get. From the very start of the track, you hear strong powerful guitars that instantly glue to your ears, a quick drum beat that gets your head bopping and melodies that flow perfectly with his lyrics that are emotional and poignant as he searches for a way to move on from that loss.

Jacob really wears his heart on his sleeve in this track, and it’s perfect for an introduction to The Kid and I and how he wants to showcase his music and style. I can’t wait to hear more from this young up and coming artist.

Follow the link below to listen to "White Feather" on Spotify.

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