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The Drive

Who knows you better than your own family? I think the answer to that is well no one. There have been many iconic families in music, the likes of Liam and Noel in Oasis, the Jacksons, the Osmonds and the Jonas Brothers. OK, as successful as these acts were we have to be honest most of the time it ended in conflict because there was always one that felt bigger than the other or others. Ego does that to people and it’s not cool, I mean even in 2020 people are still calling for an Oasis reunion, face it, people, it isn’t happening no matter how much we want it to. So to save me from babbling on about something that isn’t relevant let me introduce you to LA outfit The Drive.

Isaac ( Drummer Back up Vocals and Keyboardist ) and Danny Griffin ( Front man, Singer, Songwriter, Keyboardist, Guitarist, bassist) are two brothers that began playing with each other in the basement of the family’s Irish pub while working as waiters. At the time Isaac was 14 and Danny was 16 the boys saved up enough money to buy their own drum set and keyboard. It was set in stone this is what they were meant to do, by 2018 they started to write their own original stuff and have never looked back. Originally a multi-member band the two brothers joined up with some friends to create a band named ‘Drinks for Kids’ but had certain differences and decided to get rid of them and the name to keep it as a duo. This was because for Issac and Danny, this was more than a hobby, this was a passion and that’s what ‘The Drive’ is all about.

They would work on music anytime they were not in school or working. It was at the family pub they were given a stage and fell in love with music and performing. Using inspiration from bands like The Killers, U2, the 1975 and LANY, ' The Drive’ have formed an interesting sound of Alt-pop that develops with hits of cinematic rock. The meaning of the name is the meaning the passion, discipline, and perseverance needed to accomplish something. So the name ‘The Drive’ is as a constant reminder of the work they must put in to be successful.

The track ‘Stretch’ is a unique one. It starts with a scientific electric sound that is then behind Danny's voice it;s almost futuristic in a way, like in those generic alien sounds you get from an eclectic keyboard. Danny’s voice reminds me of Patrick from Fallout Boy especially in the break as Isaac's drums come in for the chorus he hits his high notes perfectly and it’s admirable. "Stretch" was a song that Isaac started writing and brought to the mixing room with a finished idea for the hook and chorus. This is a song about not being in control, and the feeling of being trapped in a situation and finding that need to break away from that situation. ‘The Drive’ wants the listeners to experience emotion and energy, they love to see the passion for music and want to deliver that within themselves.

So in the future they are planning a road tour through the states once things become more open, then take over the world. Follow the link below to listen to ‘Stretch’ and Happy New Year.

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