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The Dirty Nil

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

It’s a relif that The Dirty Nil didn’t choose to release ‘F**k Art’ a day earlier on the 31st of December 2020. If they had, they’d have been very much responsible for ruining countless Top 20 lists because it’s impossible to imagine punk rock fans not loving this trio and this incredible new album. No matter what happends this year, from a musical standpoint, 2021 is starting extremely well.

Following 2018’s ‘Master Volume’, ‘F**k Art’, sees the band uses the blend of pop-punk and classic rock, and cements their place as one of the most consistently brilliant rock bands on the planet. The Canadian three-piece’s ear for melodies and their sneering tongue in cheek attitude is a brilliant reminder of of the idea that; rock ‘n’ roll is meant to be fun and a party, and this band is a bucket load. ‘F**k Art’ is an absolute triumph that will no doubt be a comfort listen to rock fans across the world during the cold winter months.

The Dirty Nil consistently write colossal choruses, and this is no surprise that they’ve continued that trend over to this album. It is filled to the brim with great choruses and great vocal hooks – some of them hit you instantly, others take a bit more time, however, once you’ve listened , every song will eventually get stuck in your head.

The Track I want to highlight here on Rocks begins in a raucous punk rock fashion with ‘Doom Boy’, a staccato thrash riff begins the track that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Power Trip song, before giving way to a huge, straight-up anthemic 90s style pop-punk song. As one of the lead singles from the album, it’s also one of its standout moments. Guitarist and vocalist Luke Bentham is on absolutely blistering form here, as he sings ‘we could listen to Slayer / in the back of my Dodge Caravan’ before dropping in ‘it’s my mom’s Dodge Caravan’ as a sneering aside. Its Weezer mixed with big metal riffs and i can’t help but love it.

If you’re already a Nil fan, chances are I don’t have to tell you that this album is worth your time.I'm sure you will already be there on the day. If you’re not a fan, drop everything immediately and check out ‘F**k Art’ play it loud and proud hopefully to Download if things return.

All of the Dirty Nil awesome music can be found on spotify including F**k Art.

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