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What is the fascination about being in a band? The girls? , the money? , the parties? Or is it all three rolled into one? For some reason, every teenage boy or girl dreams of being a singer or being in a rock band. I remember when I was 13, I heard the FooFighters for the first time and suddenly I wanted to be a rockstar when I grew up. I begged my parents to buy me a drum set and it happened. So you have the vision of you being on stage in front of screaming fans who are there with you? Your best friends.

This was the origins of how this very young yet very talented band Superlove came into play. Jacob ( Vocals ), John ( Guitar ) and Alex ( Drummer ) are a three piece band from Bristol who only came into fruition in 2018. With Jacob and Alex already being friends in college met John through support bands, then having a common interest in pop metal rock bands the bond was made almost like out with the old into the new.

Superlove are a band that are finding their own unique sound. The way the band would subscribe it is… Noise pop. What is Noise pop? Well in Superlove’s words Noise Pop is “ hard rock sounds with poppy lyrics' ' think Enter Shikari and Lower than Atlantis. These are guitars that blow your face off into shards of glass like someone is playing basketball with your head, you are banging it that much! The catchy lyrics are the glue that brings back those shattered pieces of glass and mends your face back together. It's a fascinating blend of good times. This is non to apparent than in the track “THINK ABT U”.

The track originates from John coming up with the starting riff that he had in his mind for months, it was a riff that was heavy rock solid hard rock that just needed to jump out and be released onto the world. “THINK ABT U” is a song about being there for a friend who is struggling, a story of friendship and loyalty and when you listen to the chorus it almost sounds like a football chant, like you could definitely hear a bunch of lads in the pub chanting this to a group of ladies.

The name Superlove has come from song titles of bands and artists the bristol boys enjoy listening to; they mentioned how “ Charlie XCX and Don Brocco have tracks called Superlove and we enjoy those tracks so the name just stuck”. Sounds random but let's be honest aren't all band names random?.

The future is very bright for Superlove in the space of two years they have already been played on BBC Radio 1 and Kerrang Radio, toured with a number of bands and now have a new self-titled EP coming out on the 11th November 2020 and that's amazing for such a young band. The name Superlove is going to be in lights in the very near future and they will only go from strength to strength. I urge you to go check these guys out and you will be pleasantly surprised so good luck to them.

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