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Sunflower Thieves

The best thing about music has to be the fact it can create an atmosphere, one song or genre of music can completely change the mood of the room that you are in. For example, you think about the seasons and you think dance and house are best suited for the summer, some jazz for a rainy day, and some soft acoustic guitar for the early Autumn. Yet for me, my favourite is the winter Why? Well, it’s simply because the thought of knitted jumpers, log fires and cups of Hot chocolate while soft folk music is playing in the background just warms my heart and these two girls from Leeds are the perfect definitions of that. Say Hello to best friends Lily and Amy also known as Sunflower thieves.

Starting out playing in pubs and bars like all aspiring musicians do from the early age of 13 the Sunflower thieves girls have a sound that is incredibly dreamy and smooth, it’s the sort of music that if you close your eyes you are taken to a new dimension that is safe and warm. Like most artists, Lily and Amy had the full encouragement from family and most notably their parents who really were the catalyst for the girls to take singing and songwriting seriously. With this encoragement and a heavy influence from the soft voice of Pheobe Bridges their track “Hide and Seek” has become a bit of a favourite of mine and many others so much so it has over 20 thousand plays on Spotify.

This is a track that is full of hazy harmonies and gentile guitars that welcomes the listener to relax and cosy on up. Lily and Amy’s voices blend wonderfully together and it wraps you up like a big hug the track truly feels like something everyone needs while in this pandemic life. There is a wonderful story behind “Hide and Seek”, co-written in a little cottage in Norfolk it is about reminiscing family life, feeling young with the security, love and warmth of your parents; a time when you had no worries and just felt free. Such a shame we all have to grow up eventually.

What I love about this duo is that they are so free-spirited and that radiates of their music, they have such a festival style to them and can be nothing but enjoyable. The future is very exciting for these talented ladies and over the Lockdown Sunflower thieves have been in constant contact over zoom calls and sharing ideas and being creative as ever.

With new tracks coming as early as next year and making appearances at missed festivals due to Co-vid (such as Between The Trees) 2021 is going to be special. Follow the link to listen to “Hide and Seek” on Spotify and check these girls out.

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