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Syte: Where Did The Love Go

Ahead of getting back on the road touring, New York based group SYTË release their latest single, Where Did The Love Go. Having previously opened for Dua Lipa and Martin Garrix, this band understand the alchemy of creating an infectious pop song. Still having said that, SYTË can’t be placed into a single genre. SYTË’s sound will sweep you up in angelic, R&B vocals, glimmering indie synths and jazz-soaked percussion.

As the song begins, we are immediately given a taste of the jazz influence that has seeped into SYTË’s music. The opening bars have a jazz brush that tumbles along into a groove-laden percussion that sets the leisurely pace of the track. Originally from Kosovo, vocalist Nita Kaja has an enchantingly warm texture to her vocals that pair perfectly with the funk-infused baseline; it is an exemplary union between vocals and instrument, neither one overpowers or dominates the other. It is clear that this song was written after three long months of isolation with pensive and brooding lyrics like ‘Could run away but where would I go, keeping you close is all I know’ and ‘Help me out of myself’. SYTË’s lyrics invite the listeners to challenge our destructive thought patterns and encourage us to move away from them.

The four-piece band expressed that focusing on introspective lyrics like these is core to what they are trying to achieve, explaining that ‘’Documenting these overlooked emotions can help bring humanity together and highlight how much more similar we are to one another than we think”. We are given a display of Nita Kaja’s buttery vocals as they stretch to floaty heights during the middle section. Kaja’s velvet ascent reminds me of a young Jessie Ware; as her vocals rise alongside a soaring guitar and soft keys, we are suspended in a trance-like moment, still and reflective.

As the chorus returns for the final time, it becomes more vibrant than before. SYTË reveal their tireless energy when the song expands for one last time and bounces all the way until the end. As the chorus returns, you might catch yourself singing along, and that’s when you realise this four-piece group has crafted a pop-perfect melody; you’ve become infected by SYTE’s hooks and will probably hum this tune for the rest of the day (sorry, not sorry).

Its clear that SYTË are pushing their sonic potential and are making their distinct mark in the industry. This is a band you don’t want to miss when they get back to touring and festivals – so go ahead and add them to your summer playlist now!

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