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Still Woozy

Before I go introducing this artist let me just give a shout out to a particular individual ( she knows who she is ) because it was her who to told me to check him out so here is a big thank you to you.

So Picture this, it’s 26 degrees outside you’re sunbathing with a glass of Pimms and not a cloud n sight life is good but something is missing the but what? How about the perfect artist for this scenario enter Still Woozy.

Still Woozy real name Sven Gamsky is a Californian native and at the age of twenty-seven, his sound is a smooth mixture of acoustic and electronic instruments that blend together to make a cool, laid-back sound that is coming out at the perfect time.

For fans of the 2011 band Feed me Jack, you may already be familiar with him as he was the guitarist and vocalist for the band but evidently decided to leave the band to focus on his solo career so he could have more creative control with his music.

His name couldn’t be more fitting for his music, it truly resembles the word “woozy” and if you listen to tracks like “Habit” and “Lava” then it really gives you an idea on how Sven works using his synthesizers, guitar and drum kit it’s almost like your daydreaming on a rainbow road to paradise it’s amazing that all these tracks where recorded in his garage.

The unique genre comes from the inspiration of the artwork that represents every track each song cover comes with unique artistry through color and meaning credit to the person who comes up with the designs. You will get a real Frank Ocean vibe mixed the sound of Good Morning when you listen to Still Woozy with a funky bassline and smooth soft lyrics that support his playful and simple persona.

Don’t you find it funny how relationships can blossom and become stronger through the love of music? So while the weather is scorching and you’re enjoying a drink in your garden give Still Woozy a try may make that situation even better.

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