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Sticky Fingers: Lekkerboy

Updated: Feb 1

This one’s crazy good. These boys were born to write rhymes and fiddle with guitar strings. I’m strangely a bit jealous of you if you haven’t heard this tune yet, just because you get the pleasure of listening to it for the very first time. The single that has become the name of their long awaited upcoming album, ‘Lekkerboy’ is just magic on the eardrums. A warm, honest piece of art from Sticky Fingers, full of mellow melodies and sincere stories.

This tune has everything, the care-free vocals with classic Sticky Fingers style thought provoking lyrics, touching on topics of addiction and insecurity while still bringing a smile to my face every time I press play. I think the honesty in the words I’m hearing is what’s drawing me in, simply wholehearted and real, but above all that they are just sung beautifully with perfect harmonies filling every gap. Electric guitar riffs and solos, rolling drums throughout and one of the best chorus’s I’ve ever heard combine to make Lekkerboy an instant personal favourite.

‘Lekkerboy’ is the single and the new name for Sticky Fingers’ highly anticipated new album, after the name ‘We Can Make The World Glow’ didn’t end up clicking for them. The boys found it a bit too wordy and decided ‘Lekkerboy’ was much more their vibe. Paddy was kind enough to share a story from an Amsterdam trip with us, giving some insight into their love for the word ‘Lekker’ which is Dutch for ‘tasty’, but as they discovered it is more commonly used in the Netherlands as ‘cool’ or ‘siiiick’.

“Dylan had disappeared for a few days. None the mind. We had some rare spare time and Amsterdam was new to us all. The people are lovely and the drugs even better. We had no trouble making friends and settling in. I woke up on the floor of a new friend's house. My eyes slowly adjusted as I realised Dylan was standing over me. ‘What do you reckon?’ Diz lifted his shirt to reveal fresh ink across his belly.”

My favourite tune from Sticky Fingers was quite a similar one in ‘Australia Street’, but this has to overtake it. The kind of song I’ll listen to forever. Sticky Fingers just ooze talent and represent everything music should be. Good sounds, good vibes and good people. If I can convince you to do one thing today, please let it be putting on a pair of headphones, turning them up as loud as they’ll go and pressing play on this song. Have I sold the tune enough yet? Just go and listen for yourself.

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