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Sterling Press: Plastic Bag

Sterling Press have given us a modern yet retro sound with their new two side single Plastic Bag and Daisy. They cover all bases of their alternative indie/rock nature within these new songs, it’s a classic boy band sound, a singer with an attitude to his voice and electric guitars turned up to the max and a drum kit that’ll echo through your bones. Music to road trip to or perform in front of the mirror to, classic jam out, sing along songs.

I like to find similarities between bands like this and already famous bands to get an idea of the music progression happening and where their music could go. Sterling Press remind me of a few bands, for example, All Time Low and Forever The Sickest Kids. The rock approach with heavy hitting choruses and vocals that would leave your voice rasp for days after a gig. It grips you to the song, especially in Daisy where we hear a powerful bridge build up to the climax of the final chorus, letting us jam out and enjoy hearing the band simply enjoy playing their music, encapsulating what indie rock should be. I think these guys have a bright future ahead of them because they have undeniably grasped the genre by the horns. They use clever metaphors in their lyrics that could be interpreted in many ways and I love that in a band, it shows a creative process doesn’t it, it leaves me wondering what meanings and ideas formulated into a beautiful song.

Plastic Bag includes a rocky guitar riff throughout the song that takes over for a heavy bridge. It suddenly becomes the forefront of the song, almost as if the guitarist has stepped to the front of the stage for his chance in the limelight. You really hear the professionalism in this section of the song, letting their talent shine through and allowing the creative juices to flow. I’d love to see them perform, they’d have such a bold presence live, I can imagine them blowing the roof off a venue as everyone screams the lyrics at them and dances their hearts out. Like I said, a proper old school boy band. Be sure to listen to the track on the link below and remember to follow us on our socials.

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