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Steffan James

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

So this one is a little different and quite personal to me because this is someone that I’m actually friends with. Steve McCormack who goes by the name of Steffan James is a talent I know this because I personally booked him for the bar I was working at back in my hometown. His performance was nothing I was expecting. You see this guy sit down at the back of the venue to no more than 10-15 people and I’m behind the bar pouring pints, Steffan plays a few cover songs and I’m instantly drawn to his soft voice and guitar as he plays every song perfectly note for note and I wonder how is this guy not signed?

As a big John Mayer fan and with a passion for songwriting, Steffan James brings realism and true soul to his music that is hard to find in some musicians these days and you can tell that every note and every word is thought out and has a meaningful purpose.

His stuff will set you back to a better a time of road trips and sunny days it’s the sort of music that radiates good times and good vibes, it makes you feel something and that’s special. His latest EP “People talk” came out April last year. The record is a wonderful blend of blues and acoustic rock with the opening track that has the same title has the EP name, also by the following track "Better Unsaid".

Both tracks show the importance of songwriting and how that develops in the way you play the guitar. Moulding with great riffs and melodies it is a real triumph in blues and acoustic. I’m not saying this because he is my friend I’m saying this because he truly is a wonderful talent that needs to be recognised I can recommend this guy enough go find him on YouTube, Spotify,

and Itunes and listen to People Talk you won’t be disappointed.


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