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Speak Easy Circus

It’s funny looking back at bands that shaped me as a person most of them come from Scotland, you look at Biffy Clyro, Snowpatrol, and Franz Ferdinand at one point in the mid 2010s Biffy were everywhere. If you went to a summer festival nine times out of ten Biffy would be playing shirts off and all. The latest band emerging from the hills of Scotland are Speak Easy Circus and what a fun band we have here. Mainly coming from Glasgow Speak Easy are a blend of funky rhythms and electric notes, they pride themselves on mixing different elements of music that they grew up with into one sound.

Jack (Guitar/Vocals/Keys), Jon (Sax/Keys), Chats (Bass) and Frazer (Drums) all met after Chats and Jon were playing in a band together with Jack after that band was no more. Jack knew he needed to get these two in his own band then poof through a mutual friend they met Frazer and the band was created. The mix of styles that were previously said generates from being fans of indie bands like The Libertines and Arctic Monkeys, while the funk comes from Sax player Bob Reynolds and bands such as Vulfpeck. Jack goes on in saying that “ the biggest thing is that we have such a good time playing together is because of our eclectic mix of influences, so we are constantly bringing different ideas to the music, and also recommending different music to each other”. It’s something that the band are very lucky to have and it gives them the chance to be as creative as possible.

On the 22nd of January Speak Easy Circus brought out their latest single ‘Lions Should Hunt’. This is an enjoyable track, I love the sax at the start of the intro, Jacks voice is grand like he should be on a broadway show (maybe something for the future there Jack?) and the series of fun loving grooves that it brings. But despite this absolute banger of a track, it comes with a serious message. The band mentions that the idea of the song came from watching an advert, on screen is a busty blonde model seductively selling something. This triggered in Jack’s mind as he thought about “how men are taught to think about sex, the effect that concepts of masculinity have on men is a poor showing” really the message is men are not animals and sex isn’t all they think about.

I really like the fact this is a serious subject but the track shows it in a carnival style sort of way that distracts you from the depressing nature. More singles are on the way from the band following by an EP, but really looking towards the future Speak Easy Circus have the biggest of ambitions of one day playing at Madison Square Garden. Shoot for the skies why not.

Overall ‘Lions Should Hunt’ will get you moving the jazz mixed with the angry disco makes it a serious bop. Check the track out down below and enjoy other bands on Music in Isolation while you can.

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