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Ships Have Sailed

I love music, we all do, so what is it about putting a series of notes and beats together to make a tune so personal and captivating? No matter how you make it or how far you get in music the love is still there and has been since the dawn of time. I looked at writing about music because I wasn’t good enough to play, that’s not without trying may I add, believe me, I tried. But I have a passion for listening to music much like this Californian band I’m about to present to you does. Here we have Ships Have Sailed.

The duo started with Will ( singer) recording some solo demos then realising he wanted a live band so the search of a session drummer was on and while touring Toronto, Art (drummer) came into play and joined him. This was a great move as the band went to playing at the same conference at the same time as iconic band DeathCab For Cutie but on different stages, if this wasn't the case I'm sure the band would've had at least 30,000 people in front of them instead of DeathCab the thieving fools. But still, that’s a big deal and what an amazing experience for such a new band. So what pushes a band like this?, when you listen to them you would think Train?, Kodaline? And you would be forgiven I mean the sound is similar. What really drives Ships Have Sailed is like myself the love for music through the years as Will explains “ I can’t put it down to a single band it’s too hard, I guess it is really down to a mix of genres through the years. My influence starts with the 60’s right through to the 00’s”. “I guess you would start with Pink Floyd then down to U2, The Police and then Nirvana” he goes on in saying how Kurt Cobain had a massive impact on his songwriting “ he learns by ear and what I mean by this is that it’s the simplicity and emotion of his words.” I couldn’t agree more Kurt Cobain is one of the most real and personal songwriters ever the way he expresses his experiences through his voice and Nirvana’s music is so special.

This is what really defines Ships Have Sailed as a band, Will and Art are fundamentally an Indie Pop band but their music channels those emotions of defeating the negatives in your life. They want their music to teach you, to shape you in a positive way and to make sure you know there is always hope; that’s why we focus on the track “Low”.

This is a song that is full of hope and beauty, it deals with the idea of doing a good thing and no one is noticing it, turning a negative into a positive, and how important it is to do that. Will’s voice connects with you and flows so nicely along with the piano at the start. This then expands to the inclusion of guitars and sick synths to go with Art’s drumbeat. All these partners with sensational melodies and a catchy hook within the chorus. This is such an elegant track with a great message it’s definitely for someone who needs some reassurance in their life. Looking towards the future we are hoping for a new album in 2021 and almost guaranteed a new single soon. Be sure to check out “Low” on the link below and enjoy.

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