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What's the hardest thing for a new band in music? Most people would say coming up with a name and maybe this is correct. The thing is you have to break it down to what sounds catchy? What is going to make us as a band stand out from the rest? and are we going to have a story behind it? Or you can be like this NewYork based band Shiffley.

Shiffley got their name from a comic Alex Ganes ( rhythm guitar and singer ) came up with himself, Shiffley was a car salesman character that always seemed to have shifty like characteristics and the band liked that so and went for it as a name, sort of reminds me of the fix it man in Wreck It Ralph. At the ripe age of 15, Bryan Contreras(Drummer) met Alex G at a school talent show playing bass in every band that performed, with a quick thought Bryan wanted to play with him to create a band jamming together when they could. The boys found Shaune Killough ( Bass and Tech wizz) through a talent pool, then Alex Jenks (Keys) was discovered and was that missing puzzle piece that would soon become Shiffley. Funny story Shaune originally auditioned as the singer, two practices down and in his words, it “ wasn’t his thing” so switched with Alex G and it stood, Yeah it's nice to try things out but why mess with something that is already perfectly nice to see they came to their senses.

This is a band that oozes with the summer feel of late 2010, Shiffley has managed to mix deep lyrics, groovy guitars and slick synth waves, it’s like Two Door Cinema Club went to America met Phoenix and brought back a baby together that is Shiffley in a nutshell. This is the sort of music that gets you moving and can be described as Dance Punk or even Disco Indie well whatever it is you're smiling from track to track. No wonder why the likes of Franz Ferdinhand, The Killers and Foster the People have been a big influence on them, through their colourful audio, pop like sound that is complemented by super cool melodies and vibes.

This is very evident in their album “Paper Cranes” that got released in 2018 and their brand new single “Rich Kids”. The track is about those annoying “Rich Kids” you know at school who always seem to get by on their parents' money. Written by Alex G a few years ago it comes with a mob mentality, which you can see in the video as the band members are jumping around hitting dollar notes with their instruments. The track came out back in early November, it brings a fun poppy style with cool synths and joy to anyone who listens.

The future is very bright for Shiffley, and what we can expect is more song being written. This is what the band wants just people to enjoy themselves and enjoy their music. What is it with bands and artists coming out of New York? Anyway go check these guys out, the Spotify link to “Rich Kids” is down below and the latest Album “Paper Cranes” will be on our Album page just follow the tab.

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