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New York has many nicknames, The Big Apple, Empire State and The Greatest City In The World, all names that define it as the powerhouse city of the world. But what about the music that rumbles the skyscrapers and concrete roads of this city? Frank Sinatra once said “If I can make it there I can make it anywhere” in his classic New York New York song and maybe that's true if your music can make it and be successful in New York surely it can be successful anywhere in the world no? This could just be an opinion but when it comes to this New York based duo Shakeout I have no doubt Frank could be telling the truth.

Shakeout consists of two friends coincidentally both called AJ. One plays the guitar and writes while the other is the drummer and does the production, the technical wizard. The two originally met in high school then as you do after school ended up going to different colleges to be part of bands respectively, 6 months later the AJ boys left the bands and decided to come together after a long jam session at the ripe age of 24.

The name Shakeout was originally an EP title but the band thought it sounded better as a band name and to be honest, I don't blame them. The name represents change and how nothing is pigeonholed. What I find fascinating about this duo is that they are different, what I mean by this is that by having some difficulties of being a duo they decided to bring in the art of looping with a pedalboard. This is what makes the band very unique because it allows them to control everything when it comes to their music so they can do it their way without the quarrels.

Having been inspired by metal bands like Slayer and pop punk bands like Greenday as youngsters Shakeout have developed a rock sound that is just go, go, go the guitars are fast like an F1 car, the licks are slick like the running waters of Niagara Falls. This is music that you wish you had on a Tony Hawk's Playstation game so start trying out those kickflips because you are about to go for a ride. This is very evident in “Take Time” as the track doesn't waste time in introducing those fat guitar riffs and pop rocking vocals, seriously chuck this on an X games montage and you will feel right at home. The song has an interesting background because this is a track that started very underdeveloped and as the band was struggling to fit the vocals to go over the melodies, who is there to help ou? None other than Matt Brasch from The Wonder years so thanks to him for producing and helping the guys out.

“Take Time” explains that it takes time for things to develop and is a realisation that bands in music can't expect things to happen overnight and to be successful you have to work on your craft. Now in the modern day of Covid-19 Shakeout are taking to the internet by being regular streamers on TickTock and Twitch. Both sites are incredible platforms to showcase bands and musicians, it’s the world we are in now, and until Co-Vid is over or there is a vaccine available more and more bands are using these resources to connect to people.

Shakeout has realised this and finding success as they now have over 26 thousand followers on TickTock and 337 on Twitch, that's massive for a band that only came together a few years ago. I really enjoy listening to these guys and the Spotify link to “Take Time” is down below.

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