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Second Player Score

What is a Nerd?, Like seriously what classifies a person a nerd? When I was younger it wasn't cool to like all that fantasy stuff like playing World Of Warcraft or Magic cards and if you were known for liking it you instead of sports you were bullied for it or seen as a “nerd”. Now as we look at the present day it’s cool to be a nerd in fact being a nerd nowadays will make you a millionaire, here is looking at you Youtubers and Esport athletes. So is the phrase nerd really a label to give people now? I don't know because the once cool kids are now envious or at least nerds themselves, don't worry we are getting to the music soon.

This is where Second Player Score comes into play. The threesome are from Vancouver ( no not the Canadian one), I’m talking about Vancouver Washington USA. They would classify themselves as modern day “Nerds” and you would believe it so much so they have even designed and come up with their own comic book titled “Glorified” which they have based their latest album (titled the same name) on. Kyle ( Bass ) and Brian ( Guitar and Vocals ) met back in 2000, already in a band together for one reason... to play and drink beer; Oh the joys of being friends with a person that likes to rock out just as much as you. Once this was a regular thing they met Dan ( Drummer and Backing Vocals ) through a mutual friend and in Dan’s words “loved the fact he was a “nerd” too and could drum incredibly well”.

The band are hard hitting with face melting long guitar riffs which are supported by early 00s punk vocals that bring you back to your high school days of Vans, chained wallets and Billabong t-shirts. The music is so killer, the fast guitar playing injects a certain kind of energy into you it's impossible to explain you just need to experience it. This shouldn’t be a surprise as the band has been so heavily influenced by the likes of Bad Religion, Offspring and Green day.

The perfect example if you really want to experience these guys music go check out “Eye Of The Needle”. This absolutely slaps as a track, with solid guitar chords in the intro it really sets you up for the gut wrenching track that this is. Written by Dan it's about being tired of the situation that you are in and how it is time to break out and change that. This gives homage to the main character in their Glorified comic, Gloria Sin who is the main protagonist as she battles through a post-apocalyptic wasteland to clarity about her past. But the piece de resistance is Brian's 21 second guitar solo, it comes in at about the 3:42 mark of the song and my word this is special. This is a guitar solo that the late great Jimi Hendrix would be proud of, the solo is just unadulterated rock heaven and really shows what a talent Brian is on that guitar.

“Eye Of The Needle is special and if you like your punk rock with hints of metal in it this is the track and band for you. I find it funny how the band got their name, being fans of The Simpsons it came from that episode when Millhouse gets a new game and won't let Bart play even though it says on the screen Second Player Score, Brian thought this was cool so went for it. Once again The Simpsons tell the future. Some would say the future for this band is different from any other band, this is because they want to do more than music. The band want to show their love for beer by bringing out their own craft plus doing more with Glorified, maybe make it into a motion picture and base all their music to tell the story of Gloria and her adventures. I hope you are listening Netflix.

I really like these guys and I think you will too so check out Glorified on our album page and “Eye Of The Needle” on the link below.

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