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Sea Glass: New Roman

Single ‘New Romans’ by Sea Glass dropped at the beginning of the month; its the first of an EP coming out later this year and by the sounds of things is the start of an exciting chapter for this artist.

After the birth of his daughter in 2019 Brooklyn based producer Jake Muskat started up Sea Glass, inspired and eager to start ‘making music for real to show her that it’s good to do what you love’. Sea Glass is rooted in collaboration; a library of compositions featuring guest vocalists and instrumentalists, their music aims to create musical dreamscapes that explore universal experiences and emotions.

‘New Romans’ is a venture with Alex Schiff, an old friend of Muskat’s, who is another creative and brainchild behind Blue Canopy. The track was written by Muskat a year into the pandemic while he was living in a covid rental in Brooklyn. He explained the motives behind the track, sharing that he wanted to create something that ‘became the soundtrack to living in a dystopian movie’. Isolation and loneliness are themes that emerge when listening; the vocals and guitars are spacey and sound like they are coming from somewhere far away. The lyrics are equally foggy and at points are even difficult to make out:

why do we pass the time… wondering if I can fall apart just wondering if I can… you don’t believe in signs, you memorise my lines begging you to say… holding on the line’

Each line seems to run into the next, echoing the experience we all shared during lockdowns of endless days alone stuck in our homes. There is a hopeful quality to the track though, perhaps suggesting that the vocals we hear are like a light at the end of a tunnel.

Having found praise both in the states and further afield, it is exciting to think about what could be in the pipelines for Sea Glass. Muskat wrote the song with another child on the way so it is interesting to consider potential new tracks which will be further odes to his children, encouraging them to follow their passions. Whatever is next for this artist, we are excited about it.

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