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Sam Gifford

What is it about the piano? This colossal yet beautiful instrument has been the introduction to so many gifted and talented artists over the years. Every song that has been created seems to come from just dabbing around on a piano, it's the grassroots of the music industry and so versatile you pick any song and it can be modified to play on the piano and that’s saying something. This is none more evident when it comes to this young talent, Sam Gifford.

Inheriting the piano from his great grandfather Sam has become an artist that is very current to the way the music industry is being perceived, you think of the likes of Sam Fender and Declan Mckenna you’re known as a solo one man act but you have these talented musicians to back you up, enter The Innocent. The Innocent is the band behind Sam Gifford and are a group of musicians that Sam’s hand picked to go with the guitar style songs that he writes they compliment each other perfectly. The 22 year old is from Hertfordshire and started being a drummer in school after playing Rockband The Beatles version on his games console then stepped into singing at 19 while at University and never looked back.

Being inspired by the one and only boss that is Bruce Springsteen and Chris Martin of Coldplay Sam has formed and created a sound that is very indie alternative rock with full sounding guitars and pop feel good vibe that makes you feel you are in the presence of something special you can really hear and see the Springsteen in him. As a songwriter, Sam is poetic and passionate about his lyrics and the way they are delivered with such energy it makes every song so believable whether or not you know the meaning behind it. This is important, it connects the artist to the listener on a deeper level.

“Man Made” is the first EP from Sam that came out this year. The EP is two years in the making and is a masterpiece. The EP highlights the dangers of standing still as time passes you by, how only love, courage, and trust can hurdle the barriers which stop ourselves progressing in what we want to do in Sam’s own words “ Fate is "Man Made" and only we can decide how that ends”. Right from track one to track five it shows off the incredible range that Sam delivers in his songwriting and the power of the guitar.

Looking at which song I would recommend to check out that is simple take a listen to “Something Else”. This is a track that is a perfect driving song for those long car journeys it brings nothing but good vibes and brilliant guitar licks and riffs, it's uplifting and just puts a smile on your face. The track never loses the sight that it’s very rock n roll. He wrote it himself. When asking about how the song came about he says “just like anything I was messing around on the piano pretty much talking jibberidge and then said the words “Something Else” it just stuck and came out of nowhere”. To me, this shows talent the fact that you can just randomly say a word or phrase and suddenly it sticks and becomes the base of a whole song is remarkable.

Looking towards the future Sam is going to develop strength to strength and his stardom is only going to rise. The good news is that he plans to record his second EP and get back into the studio in October and we can’t wait to see what he brings out, if it’s anything like “Man Made” we are in for a real treat. So go and find Sam Gifford on all streaming platforms and also on our own personally Spotify playlist.

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