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Sabriel : EP Review

In her latest EP Sabriel brings together her whimsical charm and the sounds of the natural world to explore nostalgia, heartache and growth into womanhood. Each track is interwoven with honesty and confrontation and as such listening to it takes both artist and listener on an immersive and emotional journey.

Across all 6 tracks there is a continued reference to fire, perhaps symbolic of the phoenix being reborn in the flames. Sabriel uses this theme to explore the full scope of her emotions and in her own words explained :

Fire will transform every single thing it comes into contact with. As mesmerising and warm as it is, if you touch it you will get burned. I love that. It’s beautiful, but demands respect’

Sabriel’s tracks demonstrate her command of the fire as well as her at points becoming one with the flames; reflective songs like Nervous present an opportunity to forge her own path and grow despite painful changes she has experienced and uncertainty ahead of her. This fieriness goes very nicely with each of the individual song’s cover art; all optical illusions of the song titles, they feed the angsty and freeing frenzy that Sabriel creates over the course of the EP.

SFA, perhaps the rawest and fiery of all the songs on the EP give space for Sabriel to work through and disentangle the things that are clouding her mind. The whole feeling of the song can be summarised by the first line which is repeated throughout: ‘So fucking angry with you’. With clashing synths, multi-layered vocals and a constant underlying beat, this cacophony of sound is an insight into the inner workings of someone who has a grudge to bear and is working through their pain. There is something though about this track that is liberating; Sabriel powerfully raises a middle finger to those who have crossed her and is stronger for it.

A lot of this EP presents as an anthem for being unapologetically and authentically yourself, regardless of the consequences. As we move into February and continue the new year, this is a very refreshing and encouraging attitude to have. It's exciting to see what lies ahead for this innovative artist-with her unique and unconventional sound there is so much room for her keep growing and exploring her voice.

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