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I love Rock n Roll. I mean I have been blessed to have a very wide range of music taste, like some days you will see me listening to John Mayer, other days I'll be singing along to ABBA, and then the next I'll be headbanging to Metallica. I believe it’s good to have a strong variety of taste when it comes to music, but fundamentally I always seem to go back to what I love the most and that is rock n roll. A lot of people say Rock n Roll is dead but you couldn’t be more wrong you just have to look in the right places and maybe that is what this southwestern band have done, Enter Rakuda.

Coming from Plymouth, Josh Greenless ( Vocals and Bass ), Cody-James Aukland ( Lead Guitarist ), Josh Thompson ( Rhythm Guitar ) and Harry Osmond ( Drums ) came up with the unusual name after brainstorming and in their words “kept coming up with s**t names” thought about a pub they go to called ‘Bar Rakuda’ and well Rakuda just stuck. Once again pubs come to aid four lads in trouble what are the odds? Having all been fans of iconic bands such as The Strokes, Oasis and Kasabian. Rakuda has tried to twist that sound into their own and has come up with their debut track ‘Brighter Than Day’.

The track is an explosion of power chords that extract that raw Britpop sound, it’s not long until you feel the energy from the band as the intro comes in and Cody’s guitar notes set the pace for what the track is going to be like. Vocally Josh is brilliant, his voice is a throwback to a time when rock was about having fun and when it took over the UK scene. In a way, he sounds angry but not negative angry in a positive way like he is trying to tell the listener that Rock n Roll is still around so don't give up. ‘Brighter Than Day’ is all about being in a rubbish situation on a bad day with bad weather. The band wants you to have that feeling of when you put a song on and how it can make everything better for 3/4 minutes bringing your mood ‘Brighter Than Day’, it’s a feel-good track and that shows; more than ever towards the end when a face melting solo comes in. Air guitars at the ready people.

Basically, Rakuda wants to remind people of a time when British rock was king 20/30 years ago, they are trying to roll back the years with ‘Brighter Than Day’ and that’s OK. Check it out below and turn it up.

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