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Project Culture: Drunk on Valintine's Day

Just in time for Valentine's day, the boys at Project Culture are set to release their new charming, indie folk-inspired single. Written from the point of a broken hearted and frustrated person and giving us a lighthearted yet melancholy sound, Drunk on Valentines Day blends comedy with pain for a slightly different take than normal on the infamous holiday of February 14th.

I had a chat with Gary Hill, vocalist, guitarist and frontman from Project Culture to find out a bit more about the new single. We talked about creative processes, behind the scenes of the band and of course the inspiration for the Valentines Day hit. Simple guitar riffs alongside smooth keyboard chords make up this song, keeping a cheery tone throughout, accompanied by sincere vocals from Gary that will put a smile on your face. We discussed the format of songwriting from the point of view of a ‘character’ rather than oneself, and how much freedom that can give. It opens up creative doors that would often be kept shut through the idea of writing from a personal position, but Gary has broken through this norm and given us a fresh take on his art.

I had a great time chatting with him, learning about the new single and the band as a whole. I couldn’t recommend Project Culture enough, so go and have a listen to how our talk went Drunk on Valentines Day dropped on all streaming platforms today so go check it out below.

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