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Project Culture

Music has seen many influential people, from the groundbreaking sensation that was David Bowie to the controversial and proud Stormzy. Their music means something, they use that for change and to put an impact on the world whether that is from their fashion or political beliefs people stop and listen like they are heroes. But for a band like Project Culture, this has developed from one man, Morrissey.

The band are from south London and all me at The Queen Mary University when Gary ( vocals and Guitar ) decided to create a society dedicated to music here he met Peter ( also Vocals and Guitar ) and Jamie ( bass). Having played in some bands previously the friends went in together on things but didn’t have a drummer so they put in an add and the funny story of how they met Toby ( Drummer ) happened. The band saw Toby playing gigs and in their words “ he was the guy that played in every band that was on stage, he was amazing and we had to have him” well a trip down to Weatherspoons and a few pints down Toby loved the music and was on board hook, line and sinker.

Their music is described as post-punk which brings a certain kind of energy and urgency to their songwriting. You listen to Garry's voice and the first thing that comes to mind is “These guys must love The Smiths because he sounds just like Morrissy”. Funny I say that because that exactly what the band has been heavily been influenced by so much so Gary goes on to say that he “Worships him” and “is like a god to him” sorry mate your not quite Mourrissy but keep going you will get there. The band go on to mention that The Velvet Underground and The Strokes were big influences as well and you can definitely get traces of that in “Me Myself and I (And The Five Other Guys )”.

If I had to recommend a song for you as a good introduction to Project Culture go and check out “The Girl With The Sun in Her Eyes”. The track is open-eyed and purely magnificent, it really has The Smiths written all over it with Garrys very talkative on the delivery of the lyrics. The track has a quick tempo with an easy-going feel to it, which can only be described as, a very summer music festival style arrangement of guitars. This makes for a great track that is the embodiment of great British music coming into its own in one song. What's amazing is that this is a track that was written years ago way before the band even started and that's special. Written by Garry at a young age it has risen beyond the archives to superstardom, a track that grows into its own and doesn't really have a story behind it, as the band want the listener to think of their own story. That's right you do the work people.

The band now are starting to write new songs and learning how to record remotely due to Covid as many bands are and we can't wait to hear some new stuff from them just in time for Christmas. Check out the link below for their Spotify and go have a listen to “The Girl With A Sun in Her Eyes”.

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