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Post Party

Based in Dublin, Post Party are probably going to become your next favourite indie pop band. Their sound pays homage to bands like the Vaccines and Pheonix and is full of youthful energy but their songwriting and lyrics have a depth and realness to them which give these guys a really genuine feel.

The four piece group have already been featured on radio by presenters like Jack Saunders and Gemma Bradley so it makes sense that they are quickly finding themselves appearing on popular Spotify playlists like ‘The Indie List’ and ‘New Music Friday’. While many have spoken about their catchy hooks and jangly guitar being the hallmark of their sounds, for us it really was the way these guys from Dublin make you feel like you’re one of the group with their lyrics. There is a real sincerity about what they have to say which makes them stand out against the rest of the crowd. They talk about universal emotions and shared experiences we can all relate to and as such their music is really for everyone.

2021 was a big year for the group, seeing several single releases after a year of writing new material. ‘Being Honest’ which dropped in January is an infectiously catchy track which reveals some of the uncomfortable realities of a relationship. Lyrics like ‘I don’t like your friends/ They only see the flames/ They say that they are changing but keep treating you the same’ are not what you would expect from a poppy group and it is refreshing to see this coming through in new music. The video which dropped this year too is a reflection of the boy’s energy and quirky playfulness. It is full of colour, quips and emotion and yet really requires you to pay attention. Definitions and words like ‘weak’, ‘bully’ and ‘knockout’ flash on the screen to explain the story of the video. When talking in interviews, the band explained that video was an important medium for them as they felt it was a key way they could elaborate on the lyrics and melody of their songs; the music and the video two halves of a story which come together to give the whole picture.

Their latest release came in the summer of this year; the single ‘June’ sounds upbeat and dreamy but looking deeper at the lyrics sees a story about a love lost.

‘There’s nothing I can say

As I try to explain

Why I am acting differently.

I tried to change the future with the past

No wonder this didn’t last

This doesn’t feel the way it’s supposed to.’

This is yet another one of their songs that explores the fact that not everything is forever-relationships don’t always last but that’s okay. With so much of modern music exploring love and painting a fairytale fantasy of what it looks like, it is interesting to see someone coming out with the sometimes disappointing realities of what it means to be young and in love.

We are interested to see what the new year holds for this group. They recently have come off a run of successful shows supporting fellow Dublin band Inhaler and there's every reason to expect more releases coming up. There’s little doubt that these guys are going to be ones to watch and we expect to see them across the festival scene come summer.

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