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Birmingham’s Overpass is an interesting one in 2021, There are very few indie bands in the world right now embracing the depth and under the surface darkness of post-rock with the simple lyrics and interesting musical structures of Indie Rock. The band tells us a bit more when asked about their sound “Our sound fits into the genre of indie rock, which you can especially see with our first single One Night Lover. However, we are constantly writing new music and attempting to experiment with heavier sounds”. Catchy backing vocals and more alternative melodies represent their new single ‘Otherside of Midnight’. It shows the trajectory the band sees themselves going in, heading towards a more adult and distinct sound.

Otherside of Midnight rumbles with atmosphere and almost sounds like it belongs in a massive arena somewhere circling the planet Jupiter, it’s clear this is the effect Overpass as a band wants to convey emotionally they had this to say “When listening to our music, we want people to feel like they’re at a gig with their friends, being able to let go and enjoy it. Being a young band, we hope to capture a youthful excitement and optimism in our music, bringing something fresh and energetic to the indie scene”.

There’s a cool swaggering guitar riff that plays out all throughout the song and lyrics talking about relationship struggles, partying and dancing in the street helps ground it, in reality, think the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Wombats but with way more musical experimentation the band described the sound of their music when they spoke to us about the single. The concept of the new track ‘Otherside of Midnight’ was something that Joe and Indie came up with within their old band, however, the song didn’t exist until Max brought some lyric ideas. Max and Indie collaborated on the lyrics, and the whole band worked on the music, with Elliot’s lead guitar line really bringing it to life. The song is about showing someone close to you that you’re there for them, even though you can't make them feel better. The lyrics focus on attempting to reach out a hand to someone in a bad place: there is an ‘other’ side to the darkness that midnight can bring.

As someone who hasn’t regularity listened to indie music since getting into Metal and Punk Music in 2009 this really impressed me as someone whos familiar with the state of indie music 15 years ago and not so much Indie music in the current day this made me want to keep up with this band’s musical journey. Impressive most Impressive could be an understatement of the century coming from me. You can listen to Overpass on Spotify and on Soundcloud Check out Otherside of Midnight below as it’s out today its a must listen.

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