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Oscar Jerome

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

With the sudden emergence of Tom Misch soul-jazz has become a booming sensation on the UK scene it’s become the so called “cool” genre to be a part of now and someone who has taken full advantage of this is Oscar Jerome.

I was at work serving up in the pub and I herd this cool care free voice in front of the sound of small drum beats and jazz guitar it strongly reminded me of the funky style of when jazz was in its prime with BB King. This particular track was Lizard Street it was a good introduction I had to hear more as soon as I got home.

Born and bred in Norwich his woozy melodies, groovy beats, and strong brass are the fundamentals of most his tracks this brings a lot of depth and direction to his work. But it’s not just cool jazz vocals that makes this man special he can rap too.

If you listen to the track Give Back What You Stole From Me this really shows off his skill incorporating a slick hip-hop flow with smooth jazz instruments it’s the sort of thing you would expect to hear in any jazz club it really gets you moving.

I have to say this is short and sweet but go check him out for yourselves step aside Jamie Cullum there is a new king of jazz on the block.

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