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Scotland's Neshiima is an interesting one in the world of Rock and Metal in 2021, being marginally different from the Metal Bands who are popular right now think of the likes of Amon Amarth, Trivium and Ghost. They take ideas from yesteryear and decades gone by and modernising them in their sound for the 21st Century. Neshiima are a breath of fresh air to the modern metal world, most listeners that are new to them can’t seem to put a stamp on what genre they are. I guess that makes them super unique. They mix rap with melodies and heavier riffs with electronics.

Their sound has been compared to bands like Linkin Park, Enter Shikari, Deftones and Bring Me The Horizon. Made up of Liam Hesslewood on lead Vocals Craig Rankin on Bass and vocals Ross Cloughley on Guitar and Danny Cameron on Drums/Percussion bringing the heavy its smash mouth in your face metal.

The song on a table for my first edition of Music In Isolation Rocks is about their song ‘Caving In’ from their 2019 EP Green. Thundering in with lots of kick pedals and in your face heavy guitar tones, ‘Caving In’ emphatically begins with a high amount of energy and impact, Liam Hesslewood as a vocalist travelling between confrontational shouts, roaring screams, and heartfelt smoothing choruses. Almost verging on in its prime nu-metal in places, it stays on the aggressive edge enough to rally technical metal and metalcore sounds throughout the song Liam Hesslewood had this to say on the song in a 2019 Interview with Distorted sound “This song was a tough one to write, as the theme is suicide prevention”, explains frontman Liam Hesslewood.

“The main hook outlines negative emotions that can trigger the need to take life into our own hands. The verses reflect on those that we are willing to let go, to see if they return to us or not. It’s a plea to those in need to recognise that sometimes the dark clouds aren’t permanent. There is always a better way. It addresses the fact that numbing out the world through isolation only makes the situation worse.” “With both this song and its video, we’re trying to show that we all need each other”, comment the band. “The grass may not always be greener on the other side, but you must nurture what you have and learn to grow in your own way with the support of others…and by being a support to them.” It’s a strong message from a band that is obviously very passionate about something that is so current.

Overall the song bangs, if you are missing some solid metal in your life at the moment go check Neshiima out now. Neshiima entire discography is on Spotify along with a lockdown cover of backstreet boys Larger Than Life which will put a smile on your face. Follow the link below for ‘Caving In’ and enjoy.

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