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What's amazing and I love about this blog and what it stands for is fining talent from every corner of the earth. Past articles have featured bands from Brazil, Canada, America, Isreal and even here in the UK, music is global and every talent has its origin. But this is a new one as we say hello to an alternative rock band from Uzbekistan, NEEDSHES.

Created by singer-songwriter and producer Otabek NEEDSHES is a project that can be described as a big concoction of funk, soul, disco, hip-hop, trap, and orchestral sound that has a serious groove to it. Coming from his childhood, Otabek has injected a healthy dose of swagger punk rock and sizzling rock sounds to make NEEDSHES something quite special. In 2016 Ivan (guitar) and Alexey (drums) joined the team and made it possible for the sound that we know today. What really drives this band is their influence from bands such as The Killers, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, David Bowie and James Brown.

With the funk form, the Godfather and slick riffs and licks from the iconic bands NEEDSHES music is infectious it will get into your bones like a virus and keep you grooving until you can’t stop, a prime example of this is in their latest single "DSLS" ( Dose Somebody Love Somebody). The track came out just yesterday and as soon as it starts with that Niles Rodgers like guitar riff tour shaking on down. This has a real funk to it that is expressed through a groovy bass line, rad lyrics and a catchy hook in the chorus that will stay in your head all day, honestly, you are going to be humming this tune down the street and in the shops during this festive period, the rapping in has a nice flow to it and compliments the funness and high energy the track brings think Bee Gees plus Kool and the gang mixed with Wu-Tang Clan, it sounds odd, it sounds like it shouldn’t work but it does.

The band are finding a lot of success with their electric style and it shows having already been featured on BBC Radio 6 music, being a special guest at a You Me At Six concert in Moscow in 2019 and also being charted on the Apple Music, Hype Machine. I would strongly recommend NEEDSHES to anyone and if you feel like having a boogie this weekend get “DSLS” on and shake your stuff, follow the link below.

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