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Mental health is something I have been talking about alot within my social groups, I find it very important because it is something I can relate due to my past. The funny thing is if I didn't have that past I probably wouldn’t enjoy listening to music all day as much as I do now. Music plays such a big part when it comes to mental health, one song can completely change your feeling towards something and express emotion when words just don't do the trick. MILLICENT exemplifies this in her charity beauty ‘Conversation Conservation’.

Millie is a humble soul from Lancashire, and has been singing from a young age, she tells me about the time she would be “singing along to High School Musical in the car, as well as Avril Lavinge, Katy Perry and Kylie Minogue”. How very Divaish of her. After playing in a band with her brother she picked up the acoustic guitar and wrote her first song. From then her love for songwriting began. Growing up Millie was heavily influenced by her parents listening to the likes of Coldplay, Keane, Snow Patrol, Del Amitri, The Kooks, The Kinks, David Gray while in the car with her father. I think you can really hear the diversity of Chris Martin and Gary Lightbody in her songwriting and words. Milli is very expressive in her use of crystal clear vocals and silky strings. Now with ‘Conversation Conservation’ MILLICENT is giving back raising money for four different mental health charities throwing her own personal difficulties of anxiety and modern communication into song.

The track is dreamy and smooth, with the base of the song is to do with social anxiety and the indulgence of overthinking, I think she puts it in her own words best “I think I’m sometimes reserved due to fear of saying the wrong thing” it’s the long steep hill of worry that leads to overthinking and self doubt. This is something incredibly relateable, how many times have you been afraid to say the wrong thing and it constantly plays on your mind, so much so it becomes a genuine problem? ‘Conversation Conservation’ generates this. Millie’s lyrics run deep within you, they paint a picture of her struggles and make this track personal.

With two more tracks in the works MILLICENT is looking toward the future and hope that she can get her band together for live shows, but just like any student studying and homework comes first. Check out ‘Conversation Conservation’ on the link below and remember if you are ever feeling down or struggling there is always music.

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