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Micki Balder: A Feeling I Once Knew EP

Woah. Micki Balder has impressed me a lot on this new 6 song EP, creating a wonderful story within every song that works towards a beautiful atmosphere. The heartfelt lyrics make it such an easy listen, incorporating folk sounds to accompany a calming voice. From the up beat rhythm of ‘Lonely’ to the smooth, mellow mood of ‘With You’, these soulful songs all have the potential to end up meaning personal something to you. The raw emotion and honesty Micki writes into them is so genuine and worth a listen.

These new tunes remind me a bit of Jack Johnson, a lot of clever guitar riffs with quite a light drum beat behind it. In my opinion, that 2005 ‘In Between Dreams’ album is arguably one of the best to ever be written, so to be able to emulate that sound even a tiny bit shows a very talented artist. Micki Balder’s ‘Dear Sir’ uses such balancing harmonies in voice as well as the instruments, keeping a satisfying tone to the song throughout, not to mention a smooth, short guitar solo to break it up and lead us into a final verse and chorus. The choreography of the instruments is so professional and allows them to blend together so well. The genre of folk is something I personally already love, I think the storytelling is what captivates me. This EP goes through themes of romance, heartbreak, new beginnings and everything in between, keeping every song different but with her style still prominent.

I think ‘Till I See You Again’ is my favourite from this EP. I love the slow rhythm, the smooth, jazzy electric guitar, it’s all my kind of thing. A bit of a sad song but sung in more of a positive mind set which tells us a lot about Micki and her take on this experience she has had. I don’t know much about the history of folk music, maybe I should learn more, these tunes are making me want to. They’re so simple yet beautiful and I think that’s what a lot of the genre is based around, just stories being told with guitars and the occasional saxophone. It makes the EP as a whole a good listen, because you’re taken on a bit of a journey within every song but also as the EP progresses. I feel like I’m learning a lot about Micki as she tells me more about herself in each tune, and maybe this allows me to learn some things about myself.

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