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People are gonna say this sounds very ‘Hipster’ of me but I love that feeling of hearing something completely different. This is not mocking anything, I love the music I have found over the past year but what I am about to write about here is a sound that just puts a smile on my face. With music festivals announcing when they are going to return this may be the perfect artist, you can listen to while making that journey.

Currently, in Palm Springs California Marjorine is a single project from Nicholas Comaratta which celebrates the creativity of psychedelic rock, think The Beatles in India mixing with Radiohead and you get this spaced out soothing electronic style that you really don't hear anymore. Putting together melodic, hallucination sound waves with guitar riffs combines to music you can really enjoy. As a former member of various bands, Nicholas now turns his talents towards producing in-depth tunes for audiences, to take you on a desirable mental journey that circulates into a dreamy atmosphere.

On April 2nd Majorine released ‘Salton Sea’. This is a track reeks of Hypnotic rhythms and colourful psychedelia, it definitely has a Strawberries Fields vibe to it. When asked about how the track came into play Nicholas had this to say. “The track came about in one day rather quickly after a visit to the Salton Sea with my girlfriend. I got the guitar riff together and once the opening minute loop was there I knew I had to arrange other stuff around it. Most of my lyrical content comes on the spot, and then I have to sort of attribute it to something after the fact. This one is more or less about how we give old relationships that don't benefit us more time and leeway than newer ones that could provide us with more joy and happiness if we gave them the time they needed”.

The power of improvisation is strong in this one and that's what I love about him. Lyrically you get a Britpop Stone Roses feel, Nicholas’s voice has a strange similarity to Ian Brown in a way it makes you feel things in a different way you're hypnotized into a trance and groove than getting woken by explosive dynamics. With a potential full record on the way and a chase to have a band to play these tracks live on stage the future looks like a busy one for this plucky musician who is only going to grow faster and faster.

‘ Salton Sea’ is available on Spotify and wherever you get your music from, so check it out below and get ready for festival season to return.

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