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Man Gordan

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Don’t you just love it when you find a gem? I’ve been doing this blog for a few months now and finding new artist is generally something I get excited about and I have become a fan of all of them but there comes a time when I can’t stop listening to a new artist and that gives me chills Daniel is that sort of artists. Going by the stage name of Man Gordan Daniel is originally from Long Island but now lives in New York and the way he presents his lyrics and rap flow is masterful, it’s a wonderful example of poetry and realness that is very rare in lyricists these days.

He started out rapping with his friends a young age then discovered Blink 182 and idolized Travis Barker so took up drumming, this is where he formed a band with his brother but expressed how that was hard “ We ended up forming a Reggae Fusion band but fell out due to differences” working in music with family never seems to work out I wonder why?

But what really draws me to Man Gordan is his story and his relationship with music, not only is bring out some great tracks but its how he got there. He developed a nasty mental health illness and und it hard to really motivate himself “ I wasn’t in a god way but found music and rapping as a way to deal with these issues and rising above adversity” it’s beautiful, isn’t it? This is why we all love music it’s an amazing tool that changes any horrible situation into something genius. With this new lease of passion to the game and learning to produce his own material, Man Gordan is showing nothing can keep a good man down.

I think it’s fair to say the way to describe Man Gordan is little hint of Eminem mixed in with a big dose of Tyler Joseph you know that guy from Twenty One Pilots touched up with a sprinkle of Bon Iver it’s a recipe that makes Man Gordan a great example of how rap is more about the enjoyment and love of writing lyrics and being able to express that through the words you say rather than being "gangster" and making money while getting hot chicks. I think that sums Man Gordan up, in a nutshell, he just loves making music he’s not bothered about becoming famous or anything like that he just has a serious passion for what he does and it’s so real.

His latest single “Blessing in Reverse” lyrically is fantastic. Written about 2 years ago its a track that is very personal to the artist it expresses the idea of having a conversation with a different version of yourself almost like a sub-conscience and self-love it’s very relatable because who doesn’t have that little voice in their head telling them to do things differently. In the next few months, Man Gordan is going to drop a new EP he already has about 20 songs in the firing line and I’m really looking forward to it. So check him out on Spotify and all other music platforms everyone this guy is a real talent.

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