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Mama Feet

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

The Uk indie scene is huge, back in the early 2000s bands like the Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks, The Wombats and Mystery Jets were everywhere and nowadays a lot of bands have found solstice with the sound of that era so enter Mama Feet.

The Brazilian outfit is from the colourful capital of Rio de Janeiro who include brothers, (lead guitarist) Fey and (vocalist) Mylo who started playing together back in 2007 in their family home creating guitar riffs and melodies, experimenting with sounds and beats. The youngest member Pedryta (drummer) came into the band when Fey and Mylo saw him at a gig and looking for a new drummer for the band they saw him live and was in Fey’s words “Blown away by how awesome he was”, “he literally amazed us how good he was as a drummer we had to get him in the band” with negotiations going like a conversation between a girlfriend and boyfriend Pedryta agreed to join the brothers. Then comes in the final member the mastermind or brains behind the band Tynho. Tynho is almost like the manager, this is the guy who makes the band look good and does all the things behind the scenes.

The Name Mama Feet came about in a funny way. A story that involves alcohol. One day the band were having a session and thought of the word Mama, ( side note the word mama has a few meanings in the Portuguese language) and in a joking matter Mama Lovers came up; yes they were going to call the band Mama Lovers don't know how well that would’ve gone down? So that didn't happen and then Mama feet was mentioned and it just stuck. We all love a drunken chat, don't we? God imagine if they stuck with Mama Lovers.

What's amazing about this band is how very English they sound, you listen to them and when you hear Mylo voice it's crazy how much he sounds like Alex Turner. His voice is smooth and mystical, imagine the way Alex Turner sings in “Don’t sit down cause I’ve moved your chair” Mylo’s voice is so identical it’s madness. The influence of the Sheffield band is obvious yet they also talk about how Coldplay had a massive impact on the band as well. This comes from the way they showcase themselves on stage and getting the perception of being an epic show.

“Unfinished Business” is the latest song from Mama Feet and is about a former marriage that Mylo in his own words, “ I was in a very dark place, and couldn’t move on from where I was, then came up with it when “business was finally finished” it’s a story that finally got completed. The track starts with a cool drum beat and slick bass line, then flows into slow guitar riffs that build on a catchy solo. The song is very clever in a way it tells the story along with cool chilled indie guitar notes, it makes you relax which is always a good thing.

“Unfinished Business" was created while in Quarantine and the band says it made them more disciplined and organised when it came to recording and creating. The band have been around and even played here in the Uk, shows in Brighton and London in fact and in the future, they do wish to return when they can. The band is flying the flag for Brazilan indie bands and I urge you all to go check them out.

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