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Luna Blue

Brighton is known for a lot of things, you got the lanes, the shopping, the pier, the football team, the massive LGBT community, and obviously the beach, and being from the south coast Brighton has always been a special place to me. With all these traits Brighton also has a lot to brag about when it comes to emerging talent onto the music industry. People like the legend that is Fatboy Slim, The Kooks, Royal Blood, and most recently YONAKA but now Brighton has a new band that is worth making waves about and they are Luna Blue.

Having only moved to Brighton 2 years ago the four-piece alternative indie band blends a fun tropical pop feel to their music and is fronted by Tom (vocals and writer) who is joined by Ryan (lead guitarist) Nick (bass) and Seb (Drums). The band came about when Seb and Ryan met at college then met Tom and Nick at Chichester University and with a love of music combined with a concoction of different music genres that influenced them Luna Blue was created. They bring an infectious summer vibe that is backed up with funky pop melodies that get into your bones like a virus so you have to dance and spread the good energy that comes with the bands sound.

So what influenced a band like this? Well in Tom and Ryan’s case they say that they take most of it from the likes of Two Door Cinema Club, Foals, Ben Howard and Don Brocco this couldn’t be more evident than in the song “Away With You” as Tom’s voice sounds very similar to Rob Damiani’s unique voice. This is the track I firmly believe you should listen to if you want a clear introduction to the band, it’s a track that was written by Tom that is about in his words “ the grind of life and wanting more out of it” and “ fending off those doubts and fears of being unsuccessful at the age of 23 whilst going through the twist and turns that life throws at you” while letting the listener imagine themselves in summer dreams of “sailing away into a tequila sunrise” sounds like the perfect getaway right? With groovy pop riffs and a solid drum beat it’s a track that will get stuck in your head for sure it’s in mine now, at this very moment in time, as I write and I love it.

The Brighton boys mantra is always about having fun, they say they want their audience to feel like they lose track of time when they are a Luna Blue show Nick goes on by explaining “imagine our set was half an hour but by everyone’s dancing and enjoying themselves, they don’t realise it’s been half an hour so they get lost in the moment” well time does fly when you’re having fun. The future of the band is simple, to start gigging again and Luna Blue is aiming high as their ultimate goal is to play at Glastonbury and other major festivals once they come back after the Pandemic is over and why not? I can definitely see thousands of people grooving and vibing to this band.

The group is making serious headway and putting Brighton back on the musical map. Check them out on all music streaming platforms and a bit of sunshine too.

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