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Louis Patten

Don’t you just love it when you find a diamond in the rough, it's that sensational feeling you get when finding something fantastic and new and when you do find it the hairs on your arms stand up like meerkats. This is what I got when I first heard Louis Patten. Coming from Clapham south-west London Louis is still very much a student of the game that is still trying to find his way and sound in music. As a child, he got caught up in the typical English way all school kids end up and entered the choir, but instead of pretending his voice broke like most kids so they don't miss break time Louis really enjoyed it and decided to roll with and get lessons so he could be more independent.

Moving forward Louis music can be described as a concoction of everything there are elements of soul or as he likes to call it “neo soul”, jazz and electronics. The important thing is to know it’s a variety. I say this because his music tries to fit every aspect of the environment you are in. He wants you to experience memories and focus on taking you on a spiritual journey through sound and lyrics this is very clear in his track “Sunny Daze”. This is a cool dreamy track that’s backed up woozy relaxing beats and stellar saxophone segment that Sonny Rollins would be proud of, it’s a wonderful inclusion and really brings that sunset holiday feel to it.

Louis explains that the base of the track was inspired by the time he went travelling. “ It’s a love story about when I was in Barcelona, I was walking around with a girl trying to find the beach before the sun went down” he goes on by saying “ I want people to listen to this song and picture what I was experiencing at that time”. I think the mesage is wide and clear.

Crafted to perfection the beats fit perfectly to flow of his rapping as he takes inspiration from the likes of James Blake and Greentea Peng. Overall Louis wants his music to expand your mind and really get you to think in lots of different ways and to understand who he really is as an artist, it’s all about building a following and if he keeps doing tracks like “Sunny Daze” I don’t think he needs to worry about getting a good following.

So go check this guy out and relax to “Sunny Daze” you won’t regret it. You can find him on Spotify (Link down below) and see the video on YouTube.

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