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Lily Moore

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

I first came across Lily Moore about 2 months ago once again I was looking for new music to listen to, searching for a more chilled vibe so after looking through a number of recommendations from different sources I came across the song Better Than Me. The sound I heard was something that I feel the mainstream music industry has been missing and that is a singer that has a voice that brings out passion, dedication and a sort of realness to their music

I was thinking to myself that I haven’t heard anything like this since Amy Winehouse that raw authenticity that comes with that kind of voice and that means something.

Recently there has been some sort of a renaissance in the UK with raw jazz music and with the emergence of Tom Misch, Gizmo Varillas, and Loyal Carner’s chilled rapping style the genre is looking for a female star to breakout and I think it is now Lily Moore’s time to do that.

She brings that kind of sound you want to hear in the morning the sun is shining you put the kettle on, you make that coffee and just relax, her voice sets you free and releases any stress in the world that you may have until reality hits again.

I go back to the song Better than Me because not only was it the first song I heard from her it’s also crazily relatable, anyone who has been in that position of being dumped because your ex-partner has found someone ells and you get that anxiety that maybe it’s you that is the problem and the new person is better in every way that you are not.

The lyrics of the song make you relate to that even though it’s a great song I don’t think people realize how sad it is but that’s the great thing about music it can relate in many different ways. I can’t recommend Lily Moore enough to people and I truly believe she is going to be a star sooner rather than later you have to check her out.

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