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Light Grey

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Ireland… The talent that has come out of Ireland you can write a book on it. You think of great artist like Thin Lizzy of the past and Nial Horan of the present, and as we look to the future paving the way could very much be all about this young band Light Grey.

The pop-punk trio is a perfect advert of 21st-century music using the creative platform of social media as a way to connect and create. Having formed in 2017, Ciaran ( Vocals ) and Mikey (Bass) met in school and began sharing music together online as they were both in different countries how they met Conor this is a funny story as the duo explain. “ We found him on Vamper” which to some of you may not know is like Tinder but for bands looking for musicians; yes I didn’t know about it either! They go on in saying “ Conor was the first person we saw so we had to swipe right ” talk about luck am I right?

If you think the name Light Grey sounds boring and dull don’t be fooled, this Irish pop rock band are a ray of sunshine and bring a colourful nature to their music that makes it very original and makes them different; think Blink 182, Yellowcard and most recently new bands like Waterparks and Chase Atlantic. This comes from the desire of being very experimental with the music mixing electronics and rock guitars with their obvious plea for self-production.

“Bitter” is a track that explodes with joy. It was created and co written by Mikey, Ciaran, and Conor as they all loved the idea of poppy guitar riffs, drawing the image of the summer through their lyrics and fun loving attitude bringing the light of colour to your grey day. The band are students of production especially Mikey who is seen to the other members as an encyclopedia of music.

Using this knowledge Light Grey want to give back and put these production skills to help other artists. In a nutshell, Light Grey is a young up and coming band that just wants to create a great atmosphere and a connection with their fans like all bands do.

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