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Leontas - Cobzar`

Looking for a new sound to blast into your eardrums? Look no further. Leontas have a new single for us in Cobzar, an experimental rock tune filled with inspiration and passion. Following their previous releases of a more classic modern rock style, Cobzar hits us with a more vintage feel this time, supplying a 70’s and 80’s vibe that was so prominent and integral to the genre.

Rock has such a rich history with core passions that every rock artist shares, as well as a huge influence on culture over the years, and Leontas won't let us forget it with this new tune. A rich storyline of lost love and life hardship takes us on an emotional journey through this powerful track that is definitely worth your time.

There are a few artists that I can imagine inspiration was drawn from in the creation of this new song. The biggest of them all is perhaps Bowie but a heavier, rockier version of Bowie. The vocals have definite similarities, a soft but still somehow very powerful voice that would never fail at stealing the show, an almost mysterious tone that keeps me intrigued throughout. The lyrics take us through a journey of an old man reminiscing on his life, using music to reflect on unfulfilled dreams. The instruments compliment this emotional and in depth story, using a slow tempo to emulate the sadness and confusion he must feel. Leontas’s unapologetic energy is what drives this song from the very core, and something I can’t get enough of. Moody bass lines and dominant guitar riffs coupled with a complex narrative, what more could you want?

I cannot leave out the incredible guitar solo that finishes the song up. I’m a big fan of hearing someone get their fingers up to the double digit frets and letting the strings sing for a bit, so personally, this is the perfect way to round up an already powerful song. It almost feels like the song has been quietly building to something, but you’re not sure what, something loud and passionate, and in comes the simplest but effective riff to complete the tune. Easily my favourite part of the whole song, and we would love to hear yours. Give it a listen below and let us know your thoughts.

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