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They say the best things come in threes but in my opinion, I feel that is a lie I feel they come in twos. Look at recent bands like The White Strips, Black Keys and Royal Blood these famous rock duos show that to be successful you don’t need four or five members and next in line is Leontas.

Alex (Guitar and Vocals) and Scott (Drums and vocals) met in a studio in Camden London and in Alex’s words “it was originally a toilet that was then converted which we found kind of funny” who else can say they created music in an old toilet? Hate to think what the recording booth replaced. They were originally part of a 4 piece band but after two members left they decided to stick as a duo because in their words “it took too long to find new members” … fair enough. Being inspired by Dave Grohl’s drumming big guitar riffs from the likes of Slash Leontas have become a rock band that really bangs and are an homage to what I like to call proper rock n roll. The sort of sound that is loud and aggressive that when they play live they don’t need any backing tracks or loop peddles, getting their point across through sound and lyrics. What you see is what you get and that is two guys playing everything their way with no short cuts, just pure hard rock.

The song “NOW” is a track that from start to finish punches you in the face like you have just gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson. For me it's a revelation that shows off the band's style perfectly with strong riffs and hard drum, that sounds like Scott is going to break his sticks halfway through the track ; in my opinion a perfect introduction to the band.

Their latest single “Black Magic” was released 2 days ago and was written while being in Isolation. Alex says that they wanted to “do it the right way” as other tracks have been done “the wrong way or should I say the punk rock way” I guess this means when you just go with the flow without a “click”. Black Magic is a song that expresses the dark side of magic and how you can feel trapped within its powers it's very strong.

These are really cool guys that bring a really laid-back vibe. Be sure to check them out on all music streaming platforms and social media.


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