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LA Solution Center

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Being part of a movement and community like The Indie Collective has been fantastic for this blog. The thing is even as a writer and someone who is passionate about finding new music and promoting it, this community has given talented writers and artist to broaden their horizons and showcase new exciting music.

A good example of this is the Canadian outfit LA Solution Center. This is a project where various artists come together to combine combustible energy of music, shared through a journey of exploring different genres in a series of interconnected songs. Launched in 2020 by owner and producer Dan Pronich like many music enthusiasts, during self-isolation. Dan realised that the best way to deliver his ambitions in music was to reach out to vocalists he admires and work with them to bring life and character to his songs.

The project bridges the likes of alternative rock, hard rock, downtempo, triphop, and hip-hop genres together to create something unique. Inspired by noted group projects like Gorrilaz, and bands like Queens of the Stone Age and The Verve LA Solution Center use the sounds of heavy guitars, inviting melodies, bold bass lines, strong lyrics, and the power of what collaboration brings. On September 4th “My Piranha” was released. This song rocks!! , this rocks so hard if it was a Pokemon the Gym Leader Brock would want to catch it ( If you don’t know a lot about Pokemon I apologise for that reference). Vocals on the track were provided by Calen Trentini (singer for the band CIVILIANA) with Paul Trounce on the drums respectively, Calen’s aggressive voice is moulded in a way that elegantly fits the profile of the hard guitar riffs and the Boombastic platform of alternative rock that is presented to you, from start to finish it punches you in the face and that’s OK.

This is a Pandemic track and what I mean by this is that fact the idea behind it was when Pronich was in Isolation this year. Reflecting on how the world was and bringing together the feelings of frustration of where he is at and where he wants to go. “My Piranha” is a more deeper expression of those feelings and how humans have an addiction with progress, even the strongest ambitions can derail you. What really I get from this is that it’s the sort of track you just want to crank up to 100 and blast out, let those frustrations out, we are all human, we all have them and in this pandemic, we are all in this together.

So crank it up and listen to “My Piranha” on Spotify on the link below. Major shout out to Mark art Right Chord Music and keep following The Indie Collective and Music in Isolation.

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