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King Cerulean

There is nothing more powerful than friendship, this could come from being part of a sports team, a workforce, online gaming or in King Cerulean’s case being part of a band. I think I can safely say after meeting these guys I don't think I have come across a band that is so tightly together. It's very much brotherhood and that is so special.

King Cerulean are a band from Cardiff that have basically created their very own genre of music, in their works they call it “Cerulean Funk” which I guess when you listen to them it's a fusion of funk and indie. Whatever you want to describe it guarantees it will get you moving. Having all met at Cardiff University Tom ( Rhythm Guitar ), Adam ( Vocals ), Henry ( Drummer ), Gautam ( Bass ) and Alister ( Lead Guitar ) were all part of the music society and met in a pub called Gassy’s you know as you do at Uni. Originally created by Tom and former member Liam who ended up leaving for Devon the band came into their own when one day Tom spoke to Henry and Alister after a few drinks then got them on board, Gautam got involved when he randomly brought his bass to a society gig then King Cerulean was complete once Adam joined after his brother left. Since then the band has thrived and are enjoying every minute. With many influences such as Volfpeck, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Allen Stone and Harry Styles vocally, the band have come up with a groovy hip shaking track titled ‘She Moves’ and my goodness does this track get into your bones and get you dancing.

Released on the 12th March ‘She Moves’ tells the story of a time the band was playing a gig and a pretty girl caught Tom’s eye. The band laughs as Tom explains “We were playing on stage and this pretty girl caught my eye, I definitely had a crush on her. She was dancing in a peculiar way, she was most likely drunk but I just thought that even though she is not the best dancer she is just enjoying herself and more importantly life. I just love it”. That is such a fun story and why not? The reason why we love music is that we can express ourselves as much as we want. The band continues to mention how “the main hook came about out of the blue almost subconsciously” so it was a dream? When you listen to ‘She Moves’ like previously said from the first minute of the track the funky guitar notes injects into your bones like a virus but this is the good kind, the kind you want in your body. You get a very Nile Rodgers feel, it has that old school funk that you get in tracks like Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ and Wild Cherry ‘Play that Funky Music’ wild Adam’s bassy vocals fall perfectly with the bassline of the track and the funk that it brings, you have to get this on before a night out it will get you in the mood so much.

Really all King Cerulean wants is for people to have a good time and Previous releases such as ‘Dynamite’ and now ‘She Moves’ will do that. This young band is fantastic and we at Music in Isolation really feel they have a very bright future ahead of them. Check out ‘She Moves’ below and get your dancing shoes on.

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