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Kick Pistol

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Don’t you just love the feeling of something new, this could come from a new car, a new item of clothing or coming from the case of music forming a new band with your friends from school, enter Kick Pistol. The young band from St Albans are just starting out but already gaining a strong following with their sweet lyrics and ear busting guitars. Making their first public appearance as a band at the annual M-festival in St Albans, Rob (bass guitar & lead vocals), Ernie (lead guitar & backing vox) and Nate (drums & keys) have released such bangers such as their first single ‘Because You Know’ and the riffy ‘Unobtainable’ which features respectively on their self titled EP.

The band started and met in secondary school with certain members playing in covers with other pupils at school performances. Here Rob decided to take the lead of vocals and the band never looked back, if it’s right it’s right. With Radiohead and Muse being the biggest influence on the band, Rob goes and explains just how inspiring those bands are to Kick Pistols ``These bands are such a big inspiration because they aren't afraid to experiment with rock and try something new”. With this, you can see Kick Pistols have no fear and that is something very special and a good asset to have for such a young band.

The Track I want you to listen to from the band is as previously said ‘Unobtainable’. This invites you into a world of solid guitar riffs and strong percussion, the guitars are punchy and rash, it’s definitely one to blow out those speakers for. Rob’s lyrics tell the story of the feeling of liking someone, yet knowing you will never have a chance with them and that they will always be out of your reach. It relates to those inner feelings of disappointment. Why does this feel very similar to my own memories of being in school? But he icing on the cake, as they say, has to be that 31 second solo towards the end of the track. The build is around the 3 minute mark and you can almost feel Ernie’s guitar rumbling in your bones. He then starts shredding on the strings, you can feel that energy, like a hate letter to whoever broke your heart in those adolescent times or maybe I’m just a sucker for a guitar solo.

I really feel the future is going to be very bright for this young outfit. I mean the talent is one hundred percent there and once live gigs are back, be sure to see Kick Pistols back on the circuit. I'm sure it will be a show you will not forget. Check out ‘Unobtainable’ on the Spotify link below and show this young band some love.

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